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Mental Health Professionals now have a holistic tool that enables them to provide a world of support for an untapped client base.

Truehome is a revolutionary new web-based software application that combines architectural programming, lifestyle analysis, and neuroscientific exercises to identify exactly what your clients need to truly feel at home.

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The first application that approaches the home as a psychological/environmental eco-system. It’s the difference between a house and a home.

Eight domains of home life are mapped, assessed, and organized into easy to understand results that can be used by a qualified professional to help people deal with one of their most critical and expensive passages.

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Experience Revolutionary Technology

Experience Revolutionary Technology

Truehome exercises - which use psychology, lifestyle analysis, and architecture - are easy, fun-to-use tools that collect data from 8 areas of your clients’ lives.

Truehome organizes their responses for easy review. Detailed reports and image files give you accurate design criteria...and access to their values, behavioral strategies, and internal environmental response.

Learn How Your Brain Creates Your Home

Learn How Your Brain Creates Your Home

Neuropsychologists estimate we are unaware of about 95% of what our brains do every day.

Becoming aware of those emotional responses helps you and your clients predict more reliably those features of the home environment that make them uncomfortable, and those that will help them "feel at home.

Design a Healing Home

Design a Healing Home

Truehome's Healing Home exercises enable you to identify your clients’ emotional needs, life goals, and values.

Truehome helps them create new, positive associations between their brain and the home being bought, remodeled, or designed and built.

Help your clients create a better life for themselves!

Remodel Your Relationships

Remodel Your Relationships

Projects that involve changing a living space can be overwhelmiing. Stress rises and relationships suffer.

An effective team is critical to making a dream home come true. Team up with an architect or interior designer and add a new dimension to the process of creating living space.

Manage differences in client priorities. Lower anxiety and stress related to the proejct. Negotiate issues of intimacy and privacy and avoid common relationship conflicts between partners.

Clean up “baggage” from past projects and between pros and clients.

Become a Truehome Professional

Become a Truehome Professional

If you are a psychologist, therapist, Life Coach, or other mental health professional, Truehome offers an entirely new way to serve your current clients, and to bring in new ones.

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An Entirely New Way to See Your Living Space

Become a Truehome Professional

Think of a home as an eco-system: Your experience of home is really a relationship between two worlds. The world within your brain, and the world immediately around you.

Both are complex and difficult to measure because like any living eco-system, they are interdependent.

You constantly interact with your surroundings. Your perception of the world around you, and your intimate environment, are in a constant state of change. They both “adapt” to the other.

Mapping your experience of home: Complex adaptive relationships cannot be measured by current science in the same way one might measure an object. But that does not mean you cannot collect information about them.

A field of study called systems science, which like quantum physics is statistical, has developed techniques to “map” such systems in order to predict their behavior. Truehome uses a form of this methodology to map the complex relationships between you, your housemates, and the most intimate of all human environments, the home.

Truehome give therapists and coaches a tool to help people identify their “emotional architecture” so stress and conflict can be avoided.

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What the Experts are Saying

Psychologists and Academics

"The Truehome Workshop is a credible tool that seeks out the design that will prove to be nurturing to our needs, allows us to heal when necessary, to take refuge from the stresses of work and the world at large, and to regain our equilibrium. Clinical intuition supports Travis' work in this regard but, more importantly, the behavioral and brain sciences both lead me to believe it will be effective as a strategy for the design of positive, progressive, healing environments for living."

Cecil Reynolds, Ph.D., Internationally known expert in psychological testing and assessment, author of The Handbook of School Psychology, and the Encyclopedia of Special Education, Past President of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the author of many psychological test including the Test of Memory and Learning (TOMAL) and the Behavioral Assessment System for Children, one of the most widely used psychological testing tools in the United States.

“I have been particularly impressed by how Truehome was built with a sophisticated psychological theory at its core to create a set of exercises that are engaging and intuitive without sacrificing rigor or depth. I believe that Truehome, more so than any conventional design process, will help clients create spaces that match their personalities, ultimately resulting in happier, healthier lives."

Sam Gosling, Ph.D., University of Texas behavioral psychologist, research scientist and internationally known expert on personality. Author of The Secret Language of Stuff.

“People mostly look upon their homes as structures in which to live. But what if the home was much more, a living extension of the people living in it? What if the home could adapt to their physical, emotional and physiological needs of its occupants?
“Wouldn’t we all be happier if our homes served us, rather than the other way around? Truehome is an innovative approach to home design and remodeling that incorporates cutting edge cognitive, ecological and physiological principles in a way that puts the homeowner in control of the place she inhabits.”

J Scott Turner, Associate Professor of Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry. Author of The Extended Organism. The Physiology of Animal-Built Structures and The Tinkerer’s Accomplice. How Design Emerges from Life Itself.

"Chris Travis has uncovered an often overlooked factor in home building and remodeling; that each project is to become the home of a living, breathing, feeling family. A home is not just boards and cradles a family."

Jack Greeson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Jack Greeson and Assoc. (Also Truehome Design client)

"The Truehome Workshop and training manual are excellent practical tools."

Oladele A. Ogunseitan, Ph.D., M.P.H. Department of Environmental Health, Science, and Policy, University of California Irvine